Perpetual Motion Society 

  Believing in the Impossible for over 100 and 1/2  years  

    "There is something lamentable, degrading, and almost insane in pursuing the visionary schemes of past ages with dogged determination, in paths of learning which have been investigated by superior minds, and with which such adventurous persons are totally unacquainted. The history of Perpetual Motion is a history of the fool-hardiness of either half-learned, or totally ignorant persons."
     Henry Dircks, Perpetuum Mobile: Or, A History of the Search for Self-motive (1861)

   "Modern flywheels can have a zero-load rundown time measurable in years."
     Kwok, James, "An energy storage device and method of use", published 2008

A Video of a perpetual motion machine of the third kind ?

A perpetional motion machine doesn't have to Produce useable energy or be practical in any way. The fact that it can produce enough energy to overcome its own frictions and inertias is enough to violate the Laws of Thermodynamics . Being useful would be better than impossible.

10 modern examples of famous perpetual motion concepts (Remember, these are all magic tricks!!!)